Best of the Skagway, Alaska Police Blotter and Other True Tales from Alaska’s Fun City
Best of the Skagway, Alaska Police Blotter and Other True Tales from Alaska’s Fun City Vol. 1

Publisher - Lynn Canal Publishing Compiled and Edited by - Dave Sexton Compiled and Edited by - Jeff Brady

A collection of the best from the log books of the Skagway, Alaska Police Department along with items from the popular Heard on the Wind column in The Skagway News, choice comments and questions from visitors that make everyone laugh.

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A suspicious circumstance was reported in a resident's yard. The center of a wood pile was found hollowed out. Officer was unable to tell if the center had been stolen, or if the wood had merely been piled high to build a fort. It was odd that it could have been done during the day or night without anyone seeing or hearing it. The pile is not particularly stable enough to hold a large person. - November 12, 1993
Police heard a very loud dog screaming in pain and traced the noise to its source: two dogs "hopelessly stuck together while attempting the wild thing." Police waited till they were done. The female was tied to a rope, and the male was impounded. he was later released to a Canadian citizen after the impound, room and board fees were collected. --April 25, 1992

Police received a call from the Skagway Inn in reference to disposing of some type of "hazardous material." Upon arrival, officers disposed of leftover chocolate pie with whipped cream and coffee. While there, officers received a call that four juveniles had been jumping off the roof of the Library on State Street and were heading south toward the Inn. Police ran out and confronted the juveniles, who explained they were just having fun. --December 5, 1992

A man was contacted on Third near Broadway after he was reported going from business to business asking for money. The man said he had worked undercover for President Reagan and we should do all we can to help the president. --August 4, 1987

You didn't have to look at the community calendar to realize that Wednesday, Sept. 7 was Missy Meister's birthday - her weird present from practical joker Scott Logan took care of that. A 1,500-pound bull moose propped on top of Meister's blue Chevy Bel-Air attracted scores of Skagway residents to her driveway. The bloated beast - which apparently had drowned in Long Bay - attracted more people than flies, many of them carrying hunting rifles to pose with the moose for trophy photos. A tour bus even took a detour to give visitors a glimpse - and maybe a whiff - of Meister's putrid present. --"Bloatwinkle the Moose" Becomes Birthday Present, September, 1988

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