Aleutian Freighter
Aleutian Freighter A History of Shipping in the Aleutian Islands

Publisher - Documentary Media Author - James R. Mackovjak

Unique among U.S. maritime cargo operations, the Aleutian trade is and has always been carried on by small break-bulk cargo vessels, through severe weather, and a grueling schedule; not an industry for the weak, timid, or foolhardy. Contained in these pages is a history of the Aleutian trade, from the sailing vessels of the 19th century that transported salted cod, to the mailboats that for decades provided the region s only scheduled communication with the outside world, to the make-do, rough-and-tumble, seafood-driven fleet expansion of the 1980s, to the small but capable fleet of today. It is a history of small ships and the people who owned and operated them, set in a severe and unforgiving environment, and framed by an evolving marine resource-based economy.

In Aleutian Freighter, Juneau native Mackovjak presents a thorough history of the Seattle-based shipping companies that have serviced the communities and ports on the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands. ... An industry veteran, Mackovjak knows the nuts and bolts of the business. ... It is well-written, well researched, and thoroughly annotated. Aleutian Freighter is a nicely designed book too, printed on good quality paper with clear, sharp reproduction of both black-and-white and color photos. ... Add it to your list of must reads for anyone interested in the Seattle to Alaska shipping trade. I predict that it will be a well-read reference book for years to come.
     -- Ronald Burke, The Sea Chest, Sept. 2012, pg. 45

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