Raven House Mouse
Raven House Mouse How a Lonely Orphan Came to Be Accepted Into a Tlingit Clan

Publisher - Winternights Publishing Author - Jan Steinbright Illustrator - Robert Davis

This enchanting story for young readers presents the tale of an orphan mouse in Haines, Alaska who comes to live in the Tlingit clan house of hte Sockeye Salmon people.  Adopted into the clan by the house caretaker, the mouse learns the values and rich traditions of the Tlingit culture.  Readres will gain insight and knowledge of the Tlingit cluture and the language, and will be entertained by the mouse and his storybook adventures.

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Category: Children's Suggested Price: 19.95 Release Date: 01/01/2007 ISBN: 978-0-9787373-0-6 Product Type: Hardback # Pages: 36