Jackson Hole Journey
Jackson Hole Journey The Yellowstone Series, book 4

Publisher - Camel Press Author - Linda Jacobs

Francesca di Paoli, a gifted yet penniless chef, arrives in Jackson Hole in 1925. Rescued by William Sutton, the "steady" son of a dude ranching family, she begins to feel safe, until the historic Gros Ventre landslide buries her and William alive. Though they survive, the uncertainty in the valley, as a new lake forms perilously behind the slide debris, parallels the uncertainty of Francesca's fate.

William saves her again, finding her work in the Suttons' ranch cookshack. There she meets William's brother, Bryce, a charming wanderer. William and Bryce, already rivals for their parents' approval, begin to vie for Francesca s attention.

Over the next two years, valley ranchers clash over a Park Service proposal to extend Yellowstone Park south to Jackson Hole. Bryce comes and goes, taking a piece of his parents' and Francesca's heart with him each time. Yet, when the Sutton's Nez Perce uncle comes to the ranch to die, it is Bryce who helps nurse the sick man. William has never accepted his Nez Perce heritage and his uncle's arrival rakes up the ire of an unsavory contingent in the valley. Men like Dieter Gross, who disdain Native Americans and foreigners like Francesca, may well resort to violence if they discover the Sutton ranch's black foreman is seeing a white woman.

Meanwhile the earth has not finished trembling, nor the river rising. When the flood waters retreat, who will be left standing?

4 Stars: "Jacob's latest installment of her Yellowstone series will have readers clamoring for the series' other books in hopes of capturing more of the incredible detail that she incorporates in this particular novel. In addition to creating a vast and charismatic cast of characters, Jacobs accurately captures the story's era and the Gros Ventre, Wyo. wilderness, adding to the already rich historical tone of this novel. Without a doubt, readers will forge a strong connection to some of the characters and find themselves rooting for William and Francesca. Fans of western novels will also enjoy this historical fiction installment."
    --RT Reviews

"Jackson Hole Journey is an entertaining mix of a character rich story of people in peril, in love, and in everyday life, and almost a travelogue about one of America's most scenic places."
    --Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

"While the characters are bright and fascinating, the real star of Jackson Hole Journey is the setting. At times it's peaceful and other times chaotic but one thing's for certain, you won't be bored."
    --Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

"I enjoyed every word. Jacobs places the majestic Teton landscape before the reader in living color, and populates it with believable characters and a romantic story which never cloys. If you like a fast-moving story with adventure, history, love, and peril, try Jackson Hole Journey."
    --Historical Novel Society

"A vivid portrait of ranch life and a devastating natural disaster."
    --Lucia St. Clair Robson, Spur Award winning author of Ride the Wind

"A captivating page turner that lets us all know why Linda Jacobs is an award-winning writer."
    --Jane Kirkpatrick, bestselling author of An Absence so Great

"Linda Jacobs writes with power and authority about people you care about in one of the most fascinating places and times."
    --Robert Vaughn, New York Times bestselling author, Pulitzer nominee, and Spur Award winner

"Her grasp of Yellowstone detail is uncanny."
    --Bob Barbee, Yellowstone National Park Superintendent, 1983-1994

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Category: Fiction | Romance Suggested Price: 15.95 Release Date: 03/01/2013 ISBN: 978-1-60381-910-7 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 328