Drawing on Our History
Drawing on Our History Fishing Vessels of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska

Publisher - Documentary Media Author - James A. Cole

This book focuses on the development of commercial fishing vessel designs in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, starting with the surprisingly sophisticated small craft of the indigenous people, followed by the different directions resulting from the importation of designs by European settlers, and concluding with today's complex ships that catch fish in hundred-ton sets and deliver finished product to shoreside wholesalers. A wonderful collection of historically accurate drawings and illustrations compliments the well-researched text and brings the designs to life, while interviews with designers, builders, and fishermen fill out the historic tapestry. Drawing on Our History may be the first book that traces and describes the evolution of fishing-vessel design, construction techniques, and fishing methods for the entire history of a geographic region. --Douglas M. Wolff, P.E., Naval Architect

"Jim Cole's lifelong fascination with, and unbound enthusiasm for, the boats, shipyards, fishing methods, and the people involved in the fishing industry in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska shine through on every page of this book. His painstaking historical research, clear, understandable writing, and a profusion of accurate line drawings and pen-and-ink sketches (drawn with a seaman's eye) combine to educate and draw the reader into the time and place of the subject. Mr. Cole has produced an unusually interesting and valuable reference that will find a permanent place on my bookshelf."
    --Charles J. Cannon, P.E., Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

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