Character and Characters
Character and Characters The Spirit of Alaska Airlines

Publisher - Documentary Media Author - Robert J. Serling

This is the history of Alaska's last legacy airline, Alaska Airlines. Aviation-history writer Robert Serling has documented Alaska Airlines unconventional past and titled it Character & Characters in recognition of those who flew the planes and marked the airline s transformation from a single-aircraft bush operator in 1932 to a major U.S. carrier. From Alaska Airlines fabled beginnings serving the far reaches of America s Last Frontier to its present-day network stretching from Barrow to Zihuatanejo and Boston to Honolulu... from creative promotions to its historic flights that linked the United States and the Russian Far East... from distinctive in-flight services to the first online ticket sales, Character & Characters chronicles the unusual stories and colorful people behind this uncommonly independent airline. Serling s seasoned perspective is based on his authorship of a long list of airline histories, an industry fascination that began not long after the Wright brothers first flight, and his love of a good story. His experience has resulted in a spirited telling of Alaska Airlines history of survival and success over unforgiving geographies in a remarkably competitive business. Character & Characters has a rhythm to it, based not so much on chronology as on Serling's innate sense of how a good story should be told. And like the airline that is the subject of his work, his book is a great aviation saga.

"Alaska Airlines history was hard to put down what a great story. Character & Characters captures aviation history in Alaska for those who love the flying machines, and, more importantly, it captures the spirit of Alaska Airlines for those who admire the people. History is made by individuals who are inspired to change their world. This they did with courage, vision, dogged commitment, and compassion."
    --Bonnie J. Dunbar, Ph.D., NAE, President and CEO, The Museum of Flight, and former NASA astronaut

"Character & Characters is a true joy to read! Bob Serling is literally the only author who could plow past all the corporate sensitivities and typical cautions and craft a truly human book. There are no punches pulled and no adroit sidesteps here in presenting the real human story of Alaska Airlines, and that's important, since Alaska may well be the last of the truly colorful, proud, and successful U.S. airlines. Character & Characters redefines the genre of airline histories. It is quite literally the only corporate biography worthy of an entire night in front of the fireplace. You ll close the book wanting more!"
    --John J. Nance, Author, veteran pilot, and ABC World News aviation analyst

"Every day, the people of Alaska Airlines make a statement of pride, of tradition, and of relationships built over the airline s wonderful history. To all of us at Boeing, it is with great pride that every Alaska Airlines jetliner states, Proudly All Boeing. It is an indelible stamp that signifies the enduring partnership between the airline and the plane maker that share a hometown in the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Serling s work details the individuals and, yes, the characters who have served the carrier to this day and those who will ensure its continued success in future frontiers."
    --Scott Carson, President and CEO, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

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