Black Drop
Black Drop A Sage Adair Historical Mystery, book 4

Publisher - Yamhill Press Author - S.L. Stoner

In this ripping yarn, President Theodore Roosevelt has left Washington D.C., embarking on his historic train trip through the American West. Little does he know that assassination awaits him in Portland, Oregon. The words of a dying prostitute warn Sage Adair and his allies that they will be blamed for Roosevelt's murder. Since life is never simple, Sage also learns of young boys who need rescuing from a fate worse than death. As the presidential train and the boys doom rush ever closer, every crucial answer remains elusive. Who is enslaving the boys? Who plans to kill the president? Can either tragedy be stopped?

"Sage Adair is a likable and realistic anchor for this well-written, smartly plotted historical mystery series that blends real and fictional people and events. The series is still accumulating a loyal fan base, but each novel brings it closer to the wide acclaim it deserves."
    --David Pitt, Booklist

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Category: Fiction | Mystery - Historical Suggested Price: 14.95 Release Date: 05/15/2014 ISBN: 978-0-9823184-8-5 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 310