Let the Dead Bury the Dead
Let the Dead Bury the Dead A Christopher Worthy/Father Fortis Mystery, book 2

Publisher - Coffeetown Press

A priest is found brutally strangled before the altar of Detroit's St. Cosmas Greek Orthodox Church. The captain of the Detroit Police assigns her star detective Christopher Worthy to the case, knowing that the interim priest is Worthy's close friend Father Fortis. Worthy's new partner Henderson believes Father Spiro surprised a local thug in the act of stealing a silver altarpiece. This simple solution doesn't sit right with Detective Worthy and Father Fortis. Small clues have led them to believe the killer is connected to the church.

Father Spiro had recently befriended a rabbi. During the final service he led before he died, why did he falter? Was he drifting into senility or simply distracted? Was he hiding a crisis of faith?

To find the Father Spiro's killer, Detective Worthy and Father Fortis will have to work together to blend in and observe the priest's inner circle. Time is a luxury Worthy doesn't have. His partner's behavior is erratic, his captain is breathing down his neck, and his troubled daughter Alison is finally reaching out. Then there is the beautiful reporter who is slamming him in print, payback for being kept at arm's length.

As the case grows colder, Fortis and Worthy worry that the culprit has committed the perfect crime. Yet as they get closer to the truth, neither is prepared for evil that threatens them both.

Book 2 in the Christopher Worthy/Father Fortis Mystery series.

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"When was the last time you saw him?" Worthy asked.

"If I answer that, what will you know? Nothing."

The secretary came in with the three cups and a tray of cookies.

"Almond crescents," Rabbi Milkin said. "Spiro's favorite, right, Leah?"

"Bless his memory," the secretary added as she left the room.

The rabbi slowly munched a cookie while continuing to gaze at Father Fortis. "My family emigrated from Russia to Palestine, then here. We were driven out by Russian Orthodox Christians, so you will understand that it was a miracle for Spiro and me to find friendship. But even miracles are fragile."

He took a long sip from his cup as he stood by the window. "One night I couldn't sleep. I turned on the TV and heard one of those late night preachers. I thought he was funny, but then he said God didn't listen to the prayers of Jews. He said we weren't saved. And in that moment I was a boy back in Russia, waiting for someone to knock on my door in the middle of the night. I didn't sleep at all."

After a moment's pause, he continued. "The next day, I called Spiro and asked him to come here. He did. I told him what had happened. Then I demanded that he say the preacher had blasphemed. Do you know what he did, what my friend did?"

Father Fortis shook his head.

"He laughed and told me not to take the fundamentalists so seriously. I exploded and said something horrible. I said I knew what his liturgy—what your liturgy—calls us during your Holy Week." Father Fortis looked down at his cup of coffee but didn't respond.

"You call us 'the synagogue of Satan.' Then I said it was people like him, like you, too," he added, nodding toward Father Fortis, "who'd killed my grandfather."

"When did you have this argument?" Worthy asked.

"Does it matter? Maybe a year ago, maybe a month or two more or less. The important thing is that four weeks ago, Spiro walked back into this office and asked for a cup of coffee. We embraced, I asked him to forgive me, and he asked me to forgive his people. We had some almond crescents and agreed to start meeting again. Like old times. But then someone killed him."

"How did he seem that last time? Mentally, I mean?" Worthy asked.

"He'd lost more hair, and he was a man very proud of his hair," the rabbi said. "I was surprised. I asked if he'd been ill. He said no. I told him to retire."

Father Fortis and Worthy waited patiently while the rabbi continued to stare out the window. "What did he say to that?" Worthy asked.

"Something strange. He asked if offering forgiveness could ever be wrong, if there were times when absolution gave evil too many chances."

Category: Fiction | Mystery Suggested Price: 14.95 Release Date: 09/01/2017 ISBN: 978-1-60381-395-2 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 216