Sapphire Pavilion
Sapphire Pavilion A Steve Stilwell Mystery, book 2

Publisher - Camel Press Author - David Grogan

Steve Stilwell's former Navy JAG Corps buddy Ric Stokes has been jailed for possession of heroin in Vietnam. He was found in the same room with his traveling companion Ryan Eversall, who died of an overdose in the company of a prostitute. Steve knows his friend is a straight arrow. Was he set up? If so, for what reason? Steve travels to Ho Chi Minh City in search of the truth.

In no time Steve is targeted by the people who framed his friend. A beautiful young American businesswoman insinuates her way into the case. Can she really help, or is she just a dangerous distraction? Ric and Ryan came to Vietnam in search of an Air Force transport plane that disappeared in 1968. The pilot was Ryan's father. Before the heroin bust, they had located the wreckage. Ryan's notebook, which Steve manages to obtain, spells out the exact location. Ryan's widow has given Steve's associate Casey another piece of valuable evidence, a file labeled "Sapphire Pavilion." Someone is willing to go to any lengths to steal both the notebook and the file.

From Virginia and Texas to DC and Vietnam, powerful, all-seeing forces with unlimited resources are determined to bury the truth about Sapphire Pavilion. But they have grossly underestimated Steve Stilwell and his associate Casey, a former Army pilot who lost her leg in a helo accident. And the ability to inspire loyalty wherever you go can come in handy when danger lurks behind every corner.

Book 2 of the Steve Stilwell Thriller series, which began with The Siegel Dispositions.

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In the short period they had been sitting down, the sky to the east had grown ominous, with dark clouds jutting out from behind the tall buildings and heading their way. It didn't look like a good time for a motorcycle ride, especially since he was carrying his planner with the notebook inside. Although it zipped closed, he didn't want to risk getting the planner, or more importantly, the notebook wet.

"It looks like it's going to rain," Steve said. "Should we go someplace to wait out the storm?"

"No need," Phan said, not looking at Steve, his head turned toward a man standing near a light post about twenty feet down from where Phan's motorcycle was parked. "I give you raincoat." Lightning flashed over the skyline as he finished speaking, with a gigantic boom of thunder reverberating through the air. As if on cue, all the motorcycles pulled off to the side of the road, their drivers and passengers donning plastic ponchos and raincoats before the storm hit. A few seconds later, the masses were all heading on their way again, their ponchos flapping in the wind behind them.

When they got to Phan's bike, Phan lifted the seat and pulled two green plastic ponchos with hoods from the cargo compartment. He handed one to Steve and started to put the other on himself. "You put on," he instructed. Then he drew close to Steve, his back to the man under the light post, and spoke quietly.

"That man under light post behind me was at hotel when I pick you up. I think he following us. You know him?"

Steve peered at the man out of the corner of his eye. He was now leaning up against the light post, nonchalantly smoking a cigarette and seemingly indifferent to the coming storm. After blowing a big puff of smoke over his head, he looked directly at Steve. Steve pulled the poncho over his head and pretended to show no interest. Phan was right; they were being followed.

"I don't. Do you?"

"Me either. You get on bike and hold tight. Phan very good driver. I lose him."

Another movie phrase, but this time Steve didn't laugh. First someone tears up his hotel room; now some thug follows him. Although not exactly the way Phan would describe it, Steve knew it was his turn to be in for a world of trouble. The drug cartels or whoever else framed Ric were after Ryan's notebook, but why? And once they got it, would they be content to take the notebook, or would they want to silence him as they had Ryan and Ric? The only way to avoid finding out was to keep them from getting the notebook. He straddled the bike as another bolt of lightning flashed across the sky and the rain started to blow in. He hoped Phan knew what he was doing.

Category: Fiction | Mystery Suggested Price: 15.95 Release Date: 05/01/2017 ISBN: 978-1-60381-603-8 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 280