Danger in Unlikely Places
Danger in Unlikely Places A Lorenzo Madrid Mystery, book 1

Publisher - Penman Productions Author - Ron Lovell

Because of his involvement in breaking up a drug gang, Oregon attorney Lorenzo Madrid has become a marked man. The surviving members of that gang, led by Esteban Perez, want revenge. In fact, they may be trying to kill him. The experience of being close to death has taken its toll on him psychologically. He also needs a break from his law practice where he specializes in helping migrants deal with the harshness of their lives. An invitation to teach an immigration law course at UCLA provides the perfect escape. He moves to Los Angeles and settles into a pleasant new life.  Unfortunately, the ruthless bosses of the cartel track him down. The principal cartel leader, Pantera, is evil incarnate- ruthless, heartless, and more than a bit insane. He pushes Perez aside and takes over, intimidating everyone with his harsh manner and the tattoo of a panther that creeps out of his collar and up onto his face. After Lorenzo witnesses a shooting, where the bullet might have been meant for him, he is lured to an abandoned warehouse where Pantera reveals a secret from Lorenzo's past that has haunted them both for years.

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Category: Fiction | Mystery Suggested Price: 15.00 Release Date: 05/01/2015 ISBN: 978-0-9914804-2-5 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 226