Searching for Murder
Searching for Murder A Thomas Martindale Mystery, book 5

Publisher - Penman Productions Author - Ron Lovell

As has often happened to Thomas Martindale in the past, the routine events of everyday life can suddenly become very complicated. Take commencement, that most moving and rewarding event of the year on any campus. He is enjoying the ceremony as the host of three candidates to become the new university president when a tragic incident changes everything. Or jury duty. The chance encounter of a colleague while he is on jury duty leads to the discovery of a nefarious scheme to use illegal immigrants in deadly virus research. Or as a member of the committee choosing the new president. Is someone trying to kill one of the candidates? Added to this is something new for the longtime loner: he may have fallen in love.

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Category: Fiction | Mystery Suggested Price: 15.00 Release Date: 05/01/2006 ISBN: 978-0-9767978-2-1 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 230