Deadly Dunes
Deadly Dunes Mac McClellan Mystery Series, book 3

Publisher - Camel Press Author - E. Michael Helms

Hours after hiring Mac McClellan to investigate the supposed suicide of her archaeologist brother, single-mom Jessie dies in a car accident. Jessie had just showed Mac artifacts and a copy of a map Jake found, items that indicate Hernando de Soto and his explorers might have camped on Five Mile Island during the winter of 1539-1540. Studying the map, Mac determines the site lies in the middle of a planned resort, The Dunes. Declaring the area an historic site could shut the project down. Suspicions aroused, he forges ahead, even though he no longer has a paying client. Everywhere Mac turns, greed abounds, and no one he interviews seems innocent, even Jessie's closest friends the Deckers, who have adopted her teenage daughter. Ron Decker's construction company is building the Dunes, and he is heavily invested in its success. Then there is the oily son and ex-stripper wife of an old curmudgeon who won't sell the one lot the project still needs to acquire. Jake's estranged wife Laurel had plenty to gain from his death, and as Mac continues to dig, he begins to wonder if Jessie herself had more at stake than he was led to believe. No one is happy about Mac's persistence, and someone is unhappy enough to crash his truck and frame him for yet another murder. But Mac isn't giving up, no matter what the cost. Book 3 in the Mac McClellan Mystery series.

"This story is addictive and an easy one to get lost in.... The characters are well-drawn, the even pace builds tension, and the ending satisfies."
    --Edie Dykeman, BellaOnline mystery reviewer

"Another deftly crafted mystery/suspense masterpiece from author E. Michael Helms, Deadly Dunes is the third title in his outstanding Mac McClellan Mystery series. Very highly recommended reading for action/adventure mystery buffs."
    --The Midwest Book Review

"E. Michael Helms has the perfect blend of action, suspense and mystery that is sure to grab anyone who like a semi-hard-boiled PI tale. Great dialogue, along with detailed scenes set the mood for every page."
    --Dianne Bylo, Tome Tender Reviews

5 Stars: "Deadly Dunes is a sleuth mystery with good action and suspense.... The dialogue is witty and I like Mac's dry sense of humor."
    --Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite Reviews

"The Florida Panhandle is a terrific locale for a crime tale. The action is well-paced and the military interlude--where the sleuth shoots photos of a cheating ex-Army husband--is wrought with precision."
    --Robert J. Ray, author of the Matt Murdock Mysteries

"An apparent suicide, a missing map, a dead client--Mac’s latest case takes him from the earliest history of modern Florida to a present day murder in his own backyard. The story grabs you on page one and the twists and turns don’t let go until the do-or-die conclusion."
    --Kait Carson, author of the Hayden Kent Mystery series

"Michael Helms has done it again! In this engrossing, nonstop action adventure, Mac McClellan investigates treasure hunters, greedy developers, and even greedier heirs."
    --Connie di Marco, author of the national bestselling Soup Lover’s Mysteries

"Mac confronts a colorful host of characters, all of whom lie, cheat, and steal their way onto his list of suspects.... Add in a sexy locale, exotic dancers, and more twists and turns than salt water taffy on a pulling machine, this clever whodunit is the perfect getaway, a great beach read that includes the actual beach."
    --Elena Hartwell, author of One Dead, Two to Go

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The next ten or fifteen minutes produced nothing but pull tabs, rusted cans, and other junk. Finally the detector let out a beep different from the ones I'd been hearing. Digging down about four or five inches, I heard the trowel strike something solid and metallic. My adrenaline rushed as I lifted a coin with a trowel-full of sand. Brushing the coin clean, I saw it was an Indian Head penny in rough condition, dated either 1903 or 1908. It was no 16th-century Spanish coin, but what the hell, I figured it had to be worth at least a few cents. The trip wouldn't be a total loss.

The wind was picking up, and the thunder was getting louder by the minute. Deciding my chances would probably be better closer to the bay, I hurried in that direction. Jerry and I had to motor back to St. George, and I damn sure didn't want to do it while fighting a gale. About ten feet from the edge where the dunes began to slope downward to the bay the detector cut loose again. I dropped to both knees and began digging. I dug about a foot deep and came up empty, so I passed the coil over the pile of sand I'd excavated to make sure I hadn't missed anything. Nothing.

I kept digging for another six or eight inches and then an object hit the pile and slid down a couple of inches. At first I thought it was an old bracelet someone had lost years ago. Closer inspection proved it to be several small rusted oblong or circular loops linked tightly together, forming a patch-like object a couple of inches long and maybe an inch and a half wide. I had no idea what it was, but I slipped it into my pocket. You never know.

A few feet away the Bounty Hunter beeped again. Down and digging, I soon turned up a similar object, although this one was a little smaller in length. I dropped it in my pocket with the other one as a voice called out, "Hey, you!"

Oops. I turned and saw a tall lanky man with bushy hair approaching from about fifty yards away. He wore a tan shirt and trousers and a brown ball cap. It wasn't a county sheriff's uniform, but I had no intentions of hanging around long enough to find out who the guy worked for.

I scrambled to my feet and trotted toward the ledge as a shot rang out. The SOB was shooting at me, at least in my general direction. I hit the deck, cradling the detector in both arms. Low crawling to the dune wall, I went over head first. I spit out a mouthful of sand and tried to let loose a warning whistle to Jerry, but I doubt you could've heard it five feet away.

Category: Fiction | Mystery Suggested Price: 14.95 Release Date: 03/15/2016 ISBN: 978-1-60381-347-1 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 228