What is Aftershocks Media?
Aftershocks Media is a wholly owned division of Epicenter Press, founded in Alaska in 1988. Aftershocks offers a range of publishing services to authors, self-publishers, small presses, corporations, schools, historical societies, museums, nonprofits, government agencies, and individuals. Services include: 
- Book design
- Book distribution
- Consulting
- Content evaluation
- Contract editing, proofreading, indexing
- Co-publishing
- eBook conversion
- Print Management

Aftershocks Media offers clients access to professional, award-winning editors, designers, marketers, publicists, and other publishing professionals with many years of experience in the publishing industry.

We can assemble the right team for your project.
Aftershocks Distribution opens sales channels for its authors and publishers.

We consider the following criteria in accepting books for distribution:
- book(s) has commercial potential
- a marketing plan has been developed
- the publisher and author are committed to making an aggressive, sustained effort to promote the book(s) in order to create consumer demand
- book(s) has historic, literary, or civic merit
- book(s) meets industry standards
- book(s) fits a niche market

Distribution channels include independent bookstores, gift stores, regional & national wholesalers, and online booksellers.
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